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CCNA - Routing & Switching


Cisco Certified Network Associate CCNA training course provides students with the knowledge and skills that are needed to install, configure, operate, and troubleshoot medium-size routed and switched networks, including implementation and verification of connections to remote sites in a WAN. The CCNA training course curriculum includes basic mitigation of security threats, introduction to wireless networking concepts and terminology, and performance-based skills.

Course Requirements

Students should have a thorough understanding of network fundamentals including OSI model, TCP/IP Protocol, and basic Cisco hardware familiarity. Certification levels are CompTIA Network+, Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) and Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) are suggested but not compulsory.

Certification needed for

  • Network Administrators
  • Network Specialists
  • Network Support Engineers
  • Start their career into network field

Lab equipments available

  • Cisco Router 1841
  • Cisco Router 2811
  • Cisco Router 2821
  • Cisco Router 2911
  • Cisco Router 3845
  • Swtiches:
  • Cisco Switch 2960
  • Cisco Switch 3560 with PoE
  • Cisco Switch 3750 with PoE

CCNA New Syllabus (200-125)

Explanations and teachings of LAN, MAN, WAN networks.

ISO stands for International organization of Standardization. This is called a model for open system interconnection (OSI) and is normally called as OSI model. The ISO-OSI model defines seven layers in a complete communication system is explained.

(a) Static Routing
(b) Default Routing
(c) Dynamic Routing

(a) Address learning
(b) Forward decisions
(c) Loop avoidance

1 STP Root Bridge Selection
2 Verifying
3 Troubleshoot STP protocols

(a) Access port & trunk port
(b) Frame tagging
1. ISL
2. IEEE 802.1Q
(c) Troubleshooting

(a) PAgP
(b) LACP


(b) Dynamic NAT
(c) PAT

(a) Circuit switching
(b) Packet Switching
* Frame Relay

(a) Verifying & Troubleshooting

(a) Verifying & Troubleshooting

IPV6 Address Types

(a) Static Routing

(a) Password Recovery
(b) Backup of CISCO IOS
(c) Backup of CISCO Configuration file

(a) BGP
(b) HSRP
(c) MPLS
(e) VPN
(f) SNMP

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